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Saturday, 24 September 2016

A Good Way Out

The new season at Pacific Theatre began last night with Cara Norrish's A Good Way Out.

This drama centers around Joe, a mechanic with a storied past trying to make a better life for himself - by joining a biker gang. The gang provides family, though he has blood family of his own in the shape of sister Lynette, an ex-stripper girlfriend named Carla, and two kids.

Andrew Wheeler, Carl Kennedy, Chad Ellis.

Joe finds himself torn between loyalties to Larry, the gang leader who has given Joe a new life but who has also kept him under his thumb, and the desire to move onwards and upwards and be able to be independent and provide for his loved ones. Enter his buddy Sean, who has a not-so-wise plan to help Joe gain that independence. Will this be Joe's downfall?

Carl Kennedy, Evelyn Chew, Corina Akeson, and Chad Ellis.

A Good Way Out is a story about choices. In life, we all have them and sometimes we make bad choices. It's a reminder that no matter how hard life can be, if we just take a look around, there may just be a better way, a better choice. And if not, we need to look for it, before we end up making a bad one.

A Good Way Out is on now until October 15th at Pacific Theatre. 

(Photos by Matt Reznek.)

Tuesday, 20 September 2016


It's going to be quite the literary weekend! Literasian is also kicking off tomorrow, and will also be found on Sunday at the Word Vancouver event at Library Square.

This festival celebrates Pacific Rim Asian Canadian writers! For more info, check out the literAsian website!

Word Vancouver

The Word Vancouver festival kicks off tomorrow night culminating with the big free public event on Sunday at Library Square. Word Vancouver is "Western Canada's largest celebration of literacy and reading!"

For more information, check out the Word Vancouver website!

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Vancouver Fringe: Dying City

The Vancouver Fringe Festival is now upon us!!

I went to my first Fringe show of the season last night at The Cultch. My guest blogger, Meaghan, will be covering more Fringe shows in the coming days. I found it hard to get down to Granville Island all the time, so I'm so happy to see that the festival has spread itself out into the city more, with shows at The Cultch, The Firehall, Havana Cafe, etc.

Aenigma Theatre's production of Dying City is a heavy drama about a man who has died in the war in Iraq. It centers mainly on those that he left behind, including a grief-stricken widow and a gay identical twin brother. The twin and the widow meet a year after the death of Craig, tethered by loss and a balance that shifts when secrets unravel quick and dirty.

Both Christine Bortolin and Garland Chang weave in and out of past and present seamlessly, with Chang donning the dual role of the deceased Craig and his twin, Peter. If you're looking for serious drama with good acting and a thought-provoking script, then make your way to The Cultch and catch Dying City (nominated for the 2008 Pulitzer Prize in Drama).

Dying City is on today at 5:15, Sept 11th at 12:30pm, the 12th at 8:45pm, the 15th at 9:30pm, and Sept 17th at 7pm.

Friday, 9 September 2016


SWARM, the Art-Gallery hop in Vancouver is on RIGHT NOW.

Are you SWARMing???

Monday, 5 September 2016

Madonna: Truth or Dare 25th Anniversary Screening at The Rio


When I was 13 years old, I was GAGGING to go see Madonna's Truth or Dare documentary. She was my idol. Of course, nobody would take me to the theatre to see it. I tried to sneak in with a friend, but that also got squashed by the theatre workers. So I had to wait months after it was out of the theatre to see it via rental on VHS video.

Still, I watched it completely enamored. I bought the video, then years later the DVD, and have watched it countless times. Alek Keshiashan's filming of Madonna's Blond Ambition tour remains the most cinematic I've ever seen of her concerts. I've been wanting to see the concert in full from his footage, but alas only a select number of songs make it into the film. Maybe one day, we'll get the full Blond Ambition tour released.

But  up until now, I had never seen Truth or Dare on the big screen. Turning 25 this year, it's finally coming back in vogue (pardon the pun). New York City screened the film for a whole week, with Madonna herself appearing at the MoMA screening of it to surprise her fans. Can you imagine? I was bemoaning the fact that I wasn't in NYC for that - not just to have her in the theatre, but even just to see the movie on the silver screen the way it was intended.

Now, thanks to the Rio Theatre, I will FINALLY get my chance! I've only been waiting 25 years for this moment!! Thank you RIO Theatere for making a lifelong dream of mine come true. I can't wait to cozy up in one of your seats with a bucket of popcorn and finally get to watch Truth or Dare in all its glory, on the big screen with surround sound, amongst other fellow Madonna fans.

Truth or Dare screens at The Rio on Tuesday September 6 at 845pm.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Picasso: The Artist and his Muses

I may have been a bit quick to dismiss the current Picasso exhibit on at the Vancouver  Art Gallery. I first attended the opening night event, which of course, was stupidly busy. That meant I had very little time to look at all the artwork being displayed. It was a "let's just get this over with" kind of evening. And Picasso's work has never fully appealed to me before.

I went back mid-summer with a friend and got to see a bit more of the show, but even then I found myself bored and not really engaging. Perhaps it's because we were more focused on catching up with one another than we were the exhibit.

Finally, I went back for a third round and it's like they say, third time's the charm. This time I read all the descriptions and realized that Oh, Wait a Minute, this exhibit centers around Picasso and all of his lovers that he'd had and how they inspired and informed his work! Whoa. That's kinda cool. And he's also kind of a player. And he's DEFINITELY a jerk. I mean, on one of his so-called "muses" he went and burned her face with a cigarette butt! W T F ??

So in the end, yes, this is an interesting exhibit and you should go check it out and give it a chance.

Picasso: The Artist and His Muses is on until October 2 at the Vancouver Art Gallery.